Serene | Shooting Star - Photography by Christine Rush

Serene | Shooting Star – Photography by Christine Rush

Introducing Serene

Serene (UK) are an English alternative band from London. The band’s ambition to write music with attitude and soul has been influenced by the songwriting of Patti Smith and John Lennon, the experimentalism of David Bowie and Radiohead and the youthful attitude and ambition of The Clash, early U2, Marc Bolan and The Doors.

The spirit and social conscience of punk and post-punk experimentalism are much part of Serene’s musical DNA as are the pop sensibilities of 60’s Mod, 70’s New Wave and the wide-eyed romanticism of Glam-Rock.


Shooting Star

Shooting Star is the second release by Serene. A slow-building, bitter-sweet four-and-a-half minute song about breaking-up and moving on. The band explains the recording process simply as

“Chris sings and Luke (Fluke Productions) is on the Hammond Organ and production duties. Cornel wrote the song and plays most of the instruments. That’s pretty much all there has to be said – the rest is up to you.”

Shooting Star is available as Les.Dan.One’s full band L.D.O. Mix, the acoustic Fluke Mix and the Queen of Sheba Extended Dub remix. Check ’em out! Now available through Spotify, iTunes and soon also as limited edition CD single.

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Arnold Layne / Shiny Shiny

Serene released their debut single Arnold Layne (feat. Gabriel Kain on vocals) in May 2011 on their own SereneWorld label. A dramatic, cinemascopic take of the Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett classic and fitting introduction that bears all the hallmarks of the Serene sound. Previously unreleased song “Shiny Shiny (Intrumental Mix)” is included as bonus track. Below an extract what the press said about Arnold Layne:

“Serene have captured the magical essence of early Pink Floyd with their version of this classic song. (…) The instrumentation is spectacular. Serene guitarist Cornel Lazar has apparently studied the use of using a slide precisely the way Syd did. Excellent guitar work that along with the solid rhythm section gives this piece a flow akin to the smoothness of silk.

Serene has not sullied this amazing piece of music by changing it into something it was never meant to be. They have tastefully and respectfully created a new classic out of an old one.”
(Read the full review here)

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