Out Now: Shooting Star (Queen of Sheba Dub)

Out Now: Shooting Star (Queen of Sheba Dub)

Out Now: Shooting Star (Queen of Sheba Dub)

The Serene Shooting Star (Queen of Sheba Dub) has been released through Sereneworld as a 1-track single. Check it out now on Spotify or Soundcloud. You can also buy the track through iTunes (just £0.79!) and other leading online retailers.

Exclusively commissioned for inclusion on the forthcoming, digital-only “New Glam Compilation #2013”, alongside Gabriel Kain & The Ables, Sasu, Venus Bogardus and other artists, the Shooting Star Queen of Sheba Extended Dub is Serene’s first officially released remix.

The Queen of Sheba Dub stays true to the original track’s slow tempo melancholia, but its pulsating beat, quicksilver synths and percussions with hints to traditional African music add a futuristic, otherworldliness to it.

African Art by Amelie (ameb.)Additional production and sound treatments by Cornel and the Les-Dan One team, who previously worked on the Shooting Star main single version. Les-Dan One also draw responsible for the artwork, while the main image is a beautiful digital graphic by Montréal-based artist Amelie (ameb), titled “African Art”.

We’re still waiting for the official word on the release date for the “New Glam Compilation #2013” and a complete list of artists that will be featured. Stay tuned!

For the past decade, New Glam and its New Glam Underground Festival has drawn responsible for spotting raw talent early and championed now established acts such as The National, The Futureheads and The Chapman Family, to name but a few, early on in their careers.

You can watch the official Shooting Star video (here) and buy the single on iTunes and listen to it on Spotify.


Shooting Star (Queen of Sheba Dub)
Release date: 1st February 2013
Words & Music: Cornel Lazar
Vocals: Chris Brady
Synthesizer: Cornel Lazar & Les-Dan One
Additional production & treatment: Les-Dan One & Cornel Lazar
Original production by Luke for Fluke Productions, London

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