New Shooting Star video edit

New Shooting Star video edit

New Shooting Star video edit

A new edit of the Serene Shooting Star video clip is now up. Starring Stephanie Day and filmed by Jellyfielder Productions for the 2012 ‘48-Hour Music Video Project’, the style of Serene’s Shooting Star has been compared to British hit comedy sitcom, Peepshow.

The long-running Channel-4 comedy program with David Mitchell and Robert Webb in the lead roles has become synonymous with its trademark P.O.V. camera technique that Jellyfielder also applied in the Serene video. Using the distinct point-of-view (POV) camera technique gives the audience the view of the film’s protagonist.

Written and produced by Jellyfielder, the Shooting Star video clip follows the moment a young couple is breaking up. The ‘breakup’ scenes make the core of the video and filmed from the boyfriend’s viewpoint, is showing the girl’s reactions. Additional performance shots of Serene’s Cornel complete Serene’s debut in the world of music videos.

The video is now up to watch for free on YouTube and Vimeo. The song can be bought from various online retailers, including iTunes and Amazon. The Shooting Star single is also available for free on Spotify: Serene loves Spotify!

Spotify is a great platform to discover new music and share amongst your friends. If you haven’t signed up to Spotify, do it now and please play and share our music amongst your friends.


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