New song in the making: Sad cafe

New song in the making: Sad cafe

New song in the making: Sad cafe

Serene are currently working on a bunch of new tunes. Sad Café is the working title of one of the lot the band is currently writing and demoing. We thought it might be interesting to show a song develop from it’s early stages to the final version. Check out two early, unfinished instrumental versions of Sad Café (click here); the electro pop Nite Version and the guitar band Day Version. Keep in mind these are are early sketches and a long mile from being a finished song. We’re constantly trying out new sounds and styles and we’re quite curious ourselves how Sad Café will sound when it’s finished.

We update the Sad Café (Nite & Day Versions) page with new recorded versions and lyrics as Serene’s Sad Café progresses.

Listen to the latest Serene Sad Café versions here.

Sitting in a café drinking the same old stuff
Wond’ring what the days’re gonna be like, I just know this ain’t good enough for us

Words: Cornel Lazar
Music: Serene

All Rights © 2012 SereneWorld Publishing

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