Serene Arnold Layne reviewed on CMU

Serene Arnold Layne reviewed on CMU

Serene Arnold Layne reviewed on CMU

Serene | Arnold Layne
(1) Arnold Layne (Single Edit) – 3.12 minutes
(2) Shiney Shiney (Instrumental Mix) – 3.41 minutes

Reviewed by Rhonda Readence for CMU
(March 2011)

Arnold Layne, as performed by English indie-rocker Serene, is a cover of the whimsical, wonderful offering that Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd graciously set forth more than four decades ago.

Serene have done a masterful job and given Arnold Layne a new sparkle in an era where music like this is hard to come by.

Serene have captured the magical essence of early Pink Floyd with their version of this classic song. They have managed to retain the authentic psychedelic feel while making it sound like a modern-day offering that would be at home on radio stations around the globe.

The instrumentation is spectacular. The trippy vibe they have retained using vocal layering, reverb and effects. Serene guitarist Cornel Lazar has apparently studied the use of using a slide precisely the way Syd did. Excellent guitar work that along with the solid rhythm section gives this piece a flow akin to the smoothness of silk.

Serene has not sullied this amazing piece of music by changing it into something it was never meant to be. They have tastefully and respectfully created a new classic out of an old one.

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